Total Body Therapy & Shamanic Colonic 

IMG_7578Text | Masha Orlov

Photography | Henry Lopez

It has been four years since I began working with Alexandra Defacio, owner of Green Star Wellness. After each visit, I feel like a fresh human being–clean from the inside out, and indeed, she compares herself to a broom “that scrapes layers off from within and then sweeps them away.” At the age of seventeen, she learned Shantala massage and worked on eight-month to four-year-olds attending a corporal alternative school meant for infants and toddlers to understand their connection to themselves and their bodies. Since then, she has become a Reiki master and studied a variety of bodywork including Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, the Alexander technique, and Feng Shui for understanding energy–and that is just to name a few of the tools in her toolbox. “All therapies are from the same source. They are just different coats, but the base is the same,” explains Alexandra. Eleven years ago, after having thyroid problems, she realized that “even with cleansing and everything else, hydro colon therapy is the only way to heal the body.”

We have different realms of our body, and for Alexandra, emotion is a top layer on the body, as the bioenergy field and ectoplasm of the entire body are all that hold your subconscious. Emotion blockages create sickness and this is how we lose vital energy. Emotion is also kept in the gut, where we hold onto it, keeping toxins in the digestive system and organs. Sex, recreational drugs and food are used thoughtlessly and become a form of emotional nurturing to the gut, while connection to the body stops.

Total Body therapy treatment combines Alexandra’s complementary practices of Reiki, massage, polarity, Chakra Balancing, healing sound vibration and aromatherapy. It was created for people to heal themselves by releasing trapped energy and emotions from deep in the cells of their body and spine. The treatment begins with vibrational medicine therapy, which includes circular breathing, and takes about 40 minutes to open the seven chakras. Alexandra then uses essential oil aromatherapy on the spine, belly button and heart. She says people need to feel touched on these places to awaken the cells and help release traumas. After your body opens up, you are ready to start integrating, balancing, and releasing to unblock the energy field and awaken the mind, body, and spirit.

Alexandra believes that an essential component of this treatment is that clients be grounded as “it helps to get people out of their minds, dramas and stories, by getting them back into their bodies.” Through the massage, she feels the densities in the body, and she can sense where and which organs have blockages.  (During our most recent session, she noticed a lot of heaviness in my pancreas, which is indeed an organ that has seriously affected me in the past). “Where do you feel it in your body when you challenge yourself?” she asks. “When it says ‘no’,  listen.  That is the primitive intuition, and it is our intuition of breathing and grounding that creates manifestation. When you are blocked in your mind, you don’t feel peace, happiness, and pleasure. Why pay attention to something from the past? Stories and drama create attachment and density. This heavy energy needs to leave and to be released.”

After the Total Body Therapy part is complete, Alexandra does another unique treatment, the Shamanic colonic, which incorporates more vibrational sound therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, mantras, and earth elements like drums and wind chimes. The combination of these techniques with gentle hydro colon therapy invites your body to open up and easily release emotional buildup in the body as well as material buildup in the colon.

I went in to see her after an exhausting fashion week in September feeling a bit tired, low-energy and I had a nasty cough. I walked out of her office with the cough gone and everything else gross was “swept out.” Although I felt light as a feather and floating on clouds, I knew it is important to take it easy after physical therapy sessions, as they creates intense shifts in your body. Always best to go eat a light, healthy meal afterwards and then relax with a book on the couch.


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