Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine

A Shamanic Healing Circle with Alexandra Defacio and Frequency Mind. GET TICKETS HERE: Please note that our host, Frequency Mind, does not require testing to enter the space, but they do require proof of vaccination.

Shamanic Healing Circles:

Gather in sacred ceremony and tap into the collective energy under the guidance of Alexandra’s medicinal drum and nurturing chants. Gain new perspectives, clarity of action and strength to pursue your dreams. We listen without judging. We hold space to grow. We communicate truthfully. We support with kindness and respect each other’s boundaries. We heal…

Heaven on Earth Retreat

In upstate New York, a retreat to develop, strengthen and self-discover through love and compassion. A community of many different streams of consciousness, all originating from one source, where profound healing takes place through music, dance and meditation; movement, vibrational medicine and kundalini work; circles of light, sacred fires and wholesome meals.    

Sacred Pipe Ceremmony with Mia Luz

Celebrate and Connect with the Divine through the power of Circle. Peoples of the Americas have prayed with the Sacred Pipe for centuries, it is a beautiful way to connect to the Spirit, through an enclosed circle and the ceremonial pipe.  

Shamanic Drum Making with Mia Luz

Experience the magic of birthing your own medicine drum with love and energy and learn beautiful shamanic tradition and rituals.Connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  

Total Body Therapy & Shamanic Colonic 

Text | Masha Orlov Photography | Henry Lopez It has been four years since I began working with Alexandra Defacio, owner of Green Star Wellness. After each visit, I feel like a fresh human being–clean from the inside out, and indeed, she compares herself to a broom “that scrapes layers off from within and then…

The Path of Love

  Green Star Wellness proudly invites you to join us in this wonderful group experience with Deva Nishok. During this three-day retreat, you will find it possible to connect to life’s greatest source: Love. It is a path in which friendship, trust, and surrender develop in a deeper way than you previously thought possible. Structured…